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What Soul?!

Sep 21, 2007 Author: | Filed under: Keira Knightley, Celebrity Gossip

Keira Knightley bitches and moans about everything and she has the teeth to prove it. I have no idea what that means, but I’m going with it. This time Keira is bitching about the paparazzi.

“I look in the mirror and go ‘Oh no! More spots, more acne!’ And I’m not comfortable being photographed when I’m being myself. I don’t like people who tell me I look crap. I think kindness is a good quality, and that doesn’t always mean honesty.


“I believe the Aborigines say that every photo takes away a bit of your soul. It’s very odd but I think there’s some truth in that.”

KK when you look in the mirror, the acne shouldn’t bother you. The damn pony teefs should. Get those suckers filed down or something. They make me uncomfortable!

I agree with her quote though. She’s so deep that KK, but it makes sense on why she looks like a damn zombie. Bitch doesn’t have a soul, because it’s been sucked out of her by Nikon and Canon! 


KK's Only Human…..I Think

Sep 11, 2007 Author: | Filed under: Keira Knightley, Celebrity Gossip

Keira Knightley said she totally contradicts herself by saying she wants her privacy, but then goes ahead and poses nude for billboards and shit.

KK said, “Of course I want to have my cake and eat it. Who doesn’t want to have their cake and eat it? Show me that person.”


“There are huge contradictions in people. And there should be. On the one hand, I was completely self-conscious about my body, on the other I love nude photographs and one way of getting over feeling inadequate is to go, ‘Sod it, you are getting over this.’ And just do it.”

Ummm…KK. You shouldn’t say that cake part. It sounds silly when you say it. Well, if you’re going to say it subsitute cake for ice chips. “Of course I want to have my ice chips and eat it too!” Yeah, that sounds right.

Here’s KK with James McAvoy at the Toronto Festival premiere of their movie Atonement. I knew a Goth lesbian chick that wore that same dress to my prom and I’m not even joking, but she wore creepers with hers. 







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