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Jude Law Is On The Prowl

Oct 7, 2008 Author: | Filed under: Celebrity News, Showbiz News, Jude Law, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Gossip

JUDE Law doesn’t seem to want to settle down any time soon. He was in New York last week, “scoping out The Box for girls,” our source said. He found what he was looking for - “Jude met one of the dancers after the show and took her back to his room at the Gramercy Park Hotel. She stayed holed up in there for three days.” Another witness confirms seeing Law at the hotel’s Rose Bar last week, even though his publicist tried to claim the star was in London “vacationing with his kids.”


Closer star Jude Law was unable to parlay his celebrity status into a closer spot at a London Radiohead concert over the weekend, much to his and his female’s companion’s dismay. The popular English actor had been able to get backstage at numerous concerts before, but Law ran into a bit of difficulty while explaining his situation to a group of roadies. The roadies were unfamiliar with his work and suggested that if he wanted to see the show from a better perspective, he should’ve gotten to the show earlier. Law turned back to his companion and said that his assistant must’ve forgotten to e-mail somebody and suggested that they watch the show like normal people. “Come on, it’ll be a lark,” Law was overheard saying.


Jude Law

Hollywood star Jude Law is dating British model Lily Cole, who is 15 years younger, according to reports. Jude, 35, has previously been romantically linked to rocker Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly, but has been spotted with Cole recently. And their relationship appears to be heating up, after Cole was snapped leaving Law’s London home yesterday afternoon having apparently spent the night together.They had enjoyed a romantic candle-lit meal together in the U.K. capital’s Covent Garden on Friday night, where witnesses said they were holding hands. A source tells Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper, “Jude was keeping low-key.They were deep in conversation and making each other laugh.”There was no blatant kissing but it was obvious they were more than just friends. Jude was being very affectionate and gazing into her eyes.”


My Blueberry Nights star Jude Law was spotted in London’s Heathrow airport unable to pick up his carry-on bag. Law asked if his limo driver would be able to pick up and carry the bag for him, adding that his male pattern baldness had flared up during the flight and it’ll only get worse if he attempted any physical activity. Law stated that stress and physical excursion are the number one and two causes for his rapid hair loss.


judethumb.jpgWhen we first saw some screen shots from Jude Law’s upcoming My Blueberry Nights, we couldn’t help noticing the actor’s abundance of messy highlighted hair atop his winky visage. Especially when compared to his respectable, but ever-so-slightly receding hairline in Alfie. And after being photograpghed in London recently sporting the beginnings of a George Costanza ‘do, our suspicions that his character’s curls in MBN were extensions for boys: ”

[Jude] is reported to be so worried about his receding hairline that he has consulted a Harley Street expert, in a bid to save his locks.”

According to the Daily Mail, even his ex-wife Sadie Frost is on board the Save Jude’s Hair train. She’s said to be “encouraging him to seek advice from experts in Chinese medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture.” How exactly a Chinese healer will go about growing strands up there is beyond us, but we do have to applaud Law for prancing about with such a strange hairline in public. We can only hope he doesn’t pull a complete Costanza and buy one of those Trump-like flyaway tops. We’d have to make like Elaine and track him down, rip it off his gorgeous head, and throw it out the nearest window.

7025 Northland Drive
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428 USA

Jude Law spent his 35th Birthday in Cuba and was spooked when he saw the ghost of Frank Sinatra raiding his mini bar. A source at Cuba’s Nacional de Cuba said, “Jude had no idea that Frank used to stay in the same room. You could see he was really spooked by his sighting. He’d sampled lots of the hotels rum cocktails to celebrate his birthday so he thought it was just a drunken vision. But when we told him of the situation, he came clean about seeing the ghost. He swore he saw Frank crouched at the mini-bar, rummaging through the bottles and snacks.”

Jude asked to be moved to a different room. Cuban weed must be laced with LSD or some shit, because Jude is crazy. I once thought I had group sex with some hot marines. It was the best sex ever, but unfortunately it was just a weed mirage. A weedrage. 


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At least Jude Law isn’t fighting nature by trying to plug up or wig up his balding head. Take note, John Travolta.  That being said, Jude still looks like he’s been on a 5-day bender. No wonder his hair went away. They bounced for greener pastures.

Here’s Jude at the London premiere of “Sleuth” yesterday. 


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Propecia's Calling!

Oct 3, 2007 Author: | Filed under: Jude Law, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Gossip

Jude Law got on a Brazilian on top of his head! Hah! Male pattern baldness is a bitch!  Last night Jude kept his hat on for most of the night, but when he went on Letterman he decided to take it off.  At least he’s not wearing a wig or hideous plugs…..yet!

Good Choice On The Hat, Jude

Oct 2, 2007 Author: | Filed under: Jude Law, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Gossip

Jude Law used to be so damn sexy and now he’s just a shell of himself. I mean he’s still attractive, but in a sleazy way now. He just needs a monocle and he’d look exactly like the Planters Peanut guy! Twinsies! Jude made a wise choice by covering up that patch of hair he has on his head.

Here’s Jude and Michael Caine at the premiere of their movie Sleuth tonight in NYC.

Source: ONTD

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