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Avril Lavigne Memorabilia Makes One Girl’s Wish

Nov 2, 2007 Author: | Filed under: Avril Lavigne

Ashley MacDonald isn’t your average girl.  She’s a 17-year-old small town girl surviving with a deadly disease called small-cell carcinoma.  And with the help of some Avril Lavigne memorabilia, her wish has been granted.
Through the Make-A-Wish foundation, Ashley was given the opportunity to make a wish list of some fun activities she’d like to do before possible complications from her disease threaten her life.  Item number was a trip to Germany.  And while she wasn’t spreckenzing any Deutch, her second wish was granted last week.

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Chantal Kreviazuk scoffs at Avril Lavigne!

Nov 2, 2007 Author: | Filed under: Avril Lavigne
Chantal Kreviazuk has publicly scoffed at fellow Canadian singer Avril Lavigne’s songwriting skills.avrillavigne-17.jpg

“I mean, Avril, songwriter? Avril doesn’t really sit and write songs by herself or anything,” Kreviazuk alleged in an interview published in Performing Songwriter magazine.

Kreviazuk and her husband Raine Maida co-wrote a number of songs with Lavigne during the summer of 2003 for her CD, Under My Skin.

But now the Winnipeg native has vowed to “never work with her again.”

In the interview, in the June issue, Kreviazuk also accused Lavigne of ripping off one of her songs.

“I sent her a song two years ago called Contagious, and I just saw the track listing to (The Best Damn Thing) and there’s a song called Contagious on it and my name’s not on it,” said Kreviazuk. “What do you do with that?”

Kreviazuk, 33, said she won’t go after Lavigne in court. “I won’t do that. I’ll just tell you. Art should not be subject to that kind of controversy. Art should be pure. In my head it is, anyway.”chantal_kreviazuk_150.jpg

Lavigne’s former guitarist, Evan Taubenfeld, claims he co-wrote the track with Lavigne.

“We originally wrote it for me, so there’s no way Chantal was involved,” he wrote on the website of his new band, Black List Club. “I can’t speak on her song or any claims she’s making about our song because I’ve never heard hers.”

Richard Adams, publicist for Nettwerk Management — the Vancouver-based company that represents both Kreviazuk and Lavigne — had no comment and said neither artist will be issuing a statement.

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American Songwriters Sue Lavigne!

Nov 2, 2007 Author: | Filed under: Avril Lavigne

Canadian punk princess Avril Lavigne is being sued by U.S. songwriters who claim that her smash hit Girlfriend sounds suspiciously like a single they released in the 1970s.

Lavigne’s manager, Terry McBride, said the pop starlet is one ofavril20lavigne-csh-022531.jpg several people named in a lawsuit filed July 2 that alleges striking similarities to the Rubinoos’ song I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend.

He noted that Lavigne heard the Rubinoos song for the first time after learning of the suit.

“Avril’s very, very sensible. She knows music well. If the chords had been similar, the melodies had been similar, lyrics had been similar, the meter, she would have gone, ‘Okay, I can see their point.’ But nothing’s similar.”

Songwriters Tommy Dunbar and James Gangwer filed suit in California’s Northern Federal District Court and also name Lavigne’s publishing company, Avril Lavigne Publishing, and Lavigne’s songwriting partner, Dr. Luke, as defendants.

The Rubinoos song came out in 1979 and features the poppy chorus: “Hey, hey, you, you, I wanna be your boyfriend,” much like Lavigne’s more up-tempo hit, which goes, “Hey, hey, you, you, I don’t like your girlfriend.”

McBride said he hired a musicologist to study both tracks when he received a draft of the allegations about six weeks ago.

“This one came back so solidly on our side it’s just ridiculous,” he said.

Still, he admitted that he is considering settling the suit out of court if the costs of defending the case prove too high. He noted that a similar claim against Sarah McLachlan about 10 years ago cost the label roughly $500,000 to defeat in court. When Nettwerk tried to recoup the costs from the plaintiffs, they declared bankruptcy, he said.


Avril Lavigne fires back at Kreviazuk

Nov 2, 2007 Author: | Filed under: Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is fighting back against claims she’s a songwriting plagiarist.

She takes particular aim at fellow Canadian songstress Chantal Kreviazuk’s suggestion that the punk princess swiped one of her tunes for her new album, “The Best Damn Thing.”

“Chantal’s comments are damaging to my reputation and a clear defamation of my character and I am considering taking legal action,” Lavigne wrote on her website ( late Friday.

Kreviazuk’s recent claims to Performing Songwriter magazine are nothing more than souravril-lavigne.jpg grapes, Lavigne says, resulting from unsuccessful songwriting collaborations between the two.

“My decision to discontinue working with Chantal after co-writing together on my second record was simply based on the fact that we had no hits together. That is why her name is not on this record, despite her numerous attempts to be included, which were always denied. From my perspective, this is a clear case of bitterness.”

Lavigne also alleges that Kreviazuk e-mailed her after the magazine hit the stands to apologize for her suggestion that the song “Contagious” on Lavigne’s latest hit album was hers.

“I forgive her but I have to put the truth out there so my fans are not confused by these false accusations,” Lavigne wrote.

Lavigne, repeatedly dogged by accusations she doesn’t write her own songs, was equally miffed about being dragged into a legal battle to prove she wrote her chart-topping hit, “Girlfriend.”

A pair of U.S. songwriters allege her catchy single sounds suspiciously like a song called “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend,” released by the Rubinoos in 1979.

The American song features the upbeat chorus: “Hey, hey, you, you, I wanna be your boyfriend,” much like Lavigne’s boppy refrain, which declares: “Hey, hey, you, you, I don’t like your girlfriend.”

“I had never heard this song in my life and their claim is based on five words,” Lavigne wrote. “All songs share similar lyrics and emotions. As humans we speak one language . . . simply put, I have been falsely accused of ripping their song off.”

Earlier this week, Lavigne’s manager, Terry McBride, scoffed at the charges, calling the suit “baseless” and little more than a “case of legal blackmail.”

“Avril’s a great songwriter and she’s proving it over and over and over again,” McBride said from Vancouver, where he runs Nettwerk Music Group. “Avril’s very, very sensible. She knows music well. If the chords had been similar, the melodies had been similar, lyrics had been similar . . . she would have gone, ’OK, I can see their point.’ But nothing’s similar.”

Lavigne, who grew up in Napanee, Ont., has also had to deflect accusations from the Matrix, the production team behind hits “Sk8er Boi” and “I’m With You.”

Songwriter Lauren Christie told Rolling Stone that Lavigne did little but “change a word here or there,” but Lavigne has insisted they crafted the melodies and lyrics together.

“Let it be crystal clear that I have not ripped anyone off or done anything wrong,” Lavigne wrote on her website Friday. “I do not deserve this negative press and attention. I take pride in the songs that I write and appreciate the opportunities to work with some great writers and musicians.”


Avril Lavigne is award-winning filler

Nov 2, 2007 Author: | Filed under: Avril Lavigne


Avril Lavigne attended the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007 last night in Germany. Apparently Europeans really dig her because she knocked out Justin Timberlake in the top two categories. Not only did her song “Girlfriend” win Most Addictive Track, but Avril walked away with the coveted award for Solo Artist of 2007. It’s been a while since she’s been on the site, so I thought, why not? She looks cute as a button. It’s almost like I could pick her up, put her in my pocket and take her home. Sure, she’s been hanging out with Britney Spears, but it’s cool. I’ll just dip little Avril in a thimble full of bleach. Safety first!

1102_avril_lavigne_mtv_europe_01-thumb.jpg 1102_avril_lavigne_mtv_europe_02-thumb.jpg 1102_avril_lavigne_mtv_europe_03-thumb.jpg 1102_avril_lavigne_mtv_europe_04-thumb.jpg 1102_avril_lavigne_mtv_europe_05-thumb.jpg 1102_avril_lavigne_mtv_europe_06-thumb.jpg 1102_avril_lavigne_mtv_europe_07-thumb.jpg 1102_avril_lavigne_mtv_europe_08-thumb.jpg

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Morning Wood

Oct 29, 2007 Author: | Filed under: Avril Lavigne

Remember that “big-hosed” firefighter? He has his own calendar! - Towleroad 

Avril Lavigne has never looked uglier - Derek Hail 

Dr. Kevorkian is coming to HBO - In Case You Didn’t Know

Rachel Ray claims to be a size six - Celebitchy 

Posh’s big surprise from Becks - I’m Not Obsessed 

Morning Barf: Streisand without a bra - SOW 

Brit Brit parties with Tony Romo - Evil Beet

Avril Lavigne Lines Up More Shows

Oct 11, 2007 Author: | Filed under: Avril Lavigne

Recently turned 21-years-old, Avril Lavigne was spotted out earlier this week doing a little grocery shopping with husband Derek Whibley.

Besides spending time with the hubby, Avril has been busily lining up performances for the months to come.

Paris Lavigne

Sep 28, 2007 Author: | Filed under: Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is playing with wigs for her new video “Hot.” Yea, it’s really called Hot. NOT. The bangs need to be about 12 inches longer and then homegirl would seriously look hot.

That fake cop behind her needs to arrest her just for being annoying. 

Source: ONTD






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