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Random Photos Part One

Jun 13, 2011 Author: | Filed under: Celebrity News, Showbiz News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Gossip

Congratulations to Kirsten Dunst. She won Best Actress at Cannes this year. She has had some past issues but has done a remarkable job of getting her life and career back on track.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan tries to get attention by flashing and
then crying and chain smoking while hanging out with her sister Ali.
LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian flying out of LA.
Princess Beatrice continues to lose a tremendous amount of weight.
Ryan Gosling tries to tongue Nicolas Winding in Cannes.
Thankfully, Verne Troyer is not trying to give anyone tongue.
The cast of X-Men in London.


Anna Kournikova On Biggest Loser?

Jun 12, 2011 Author: | Filed under: Celebrity News, Showbiz News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Gossip

In one of the strangest reports I have read in a long time, apparently Anna Kournikova is going to join the cast of Biggest Loser as one of the trainers. Huh? Is she going to have everyone out there running down tennis balls? I know she is in excellent shape but just because you are in excellent shape does not mean you can translate that into helping others get into good shape. I mean, I can eat a ton of food, but that does not mean I can get people to also eat as much food as I do.


Jane Seymour was on CNN this weekend and says she heard that Arnold has at least two more love children and these are just the ones she knows about. My thing is that why would anyone wait until the news of the first one exploded across the world. Share your information so it does not happen to others and so others can come out and say what an awful guy Arnold is. Also, are they really love children if there was just sex? Does anyone think Arnold cares about any of these women or the kids? It appears he did care about the child of the housekeeper, but what about the others? This is a guy who hates women and disrespects them every chance he can get, so I don’t know if they are love children.


Despite the Canadian in each of them, The Boobs is not to be confused with The Biebs. The Boobs is actually Michael Buble and despite his penchant for cheating and sex photos, is now a happily married man. Three times. He and his wife had their third wedding ceremony in as many months. I remember another celebrity couple who did the same thing and that marriage lasted as long as they could find another place to get married. Do you even remember Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson getting married? It seems long ago, but really was not that long ago.


Apparently Jeff Conaway is not going to die. In fact, according to Dr. Drew, Jeff is a pretty healthy guy, not brain dead and did not suffer an overdose. Instead, he was admitted to the hospital because he has pneumonia. After seeing his patient, Dr. Drew went to Twitter because all doctors talk about their patients on Twitter and said, “He is stable & looks like he will recover from his pneumonia. Not an OD like press is alleging & certainly not dead.”

But definitely a candidate for the next season of Celebrity Rehab. Glad Dr. Drew managed to get some publicity from the pain of another.


One Year Is All It Has Anyway

Jun 8, 2011 Author: | Filed under: Celebrity News, Showbiz News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Gossip

CBS must know the whole Ashton Kutcher thing is a big risk. They also must know that no one wants to watch him every week. I think they got suckered into this and are prepared to suffer through 26 episodes of really bad acting. But, the good news for CBS is apparently they only signed Ashton to a one year deal. I don’t think it really matters to Ashton though. Even at the discounted rate per episode he is still going to pull in almost $20M for what amounts to less than 13 hours of television.

CBS was kind of stuck since they had already committed to next season. I guess they thought Ashton was their best move. I think they should have just brought in that monkey from the Hangover movie.


Oscar De La Hoya In Rehab

Jun 6, 2011 Author: | Filed under: Celebrity News, Showbiz News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Gossip

Apparently no one noticed that Oscar De La Hoya was in rehab and even his ex-wife, and mother of some of his kids, Shana Moakler appears to not have noticed. So, since most celebrities like some attention when they are in rehab, someone told TMZ who confirmed it and then Oscar managed to even find the time to compose a short statement about how he will be healthy and happy when he gets out. He also says he has flaws. I think we all have flaws but they must have not been too bad because there was no rapture. Party on.


Joseph Brooks Kills Himself

Jun 5, 2011 Author: | Filed under: Celebrity News, Showbiz News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Gossip

Joseph Brooks, who used to be known for winning the Academy Award for You Light Up My Life, but is now known for the 82 charges of sexual assault he faced for luring women to his apartment, doping them and then allegedly raping them, has killed himself. Yesterday he was found with a plastic sack tied around his head which had a helium tank and a tube connected to it. The songwriter was arrested in 2009 but still had not faced trial. Meanwhile, his son, is awaiting trial for allegedly murdering his girlfriend after she broke up with him.







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